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Student Scholarships -An Investment In Tomorrow’s Healthcare!

 As with most graduate schools, the cost of a four-year medical education is expensive. 56% of our current students receive some form of scholarship to offset their tuition costs.

When a student commits to the College of Human Medicine, they recognize they have years of education and training ahead of them. This is the kind of dedication we want for all our students. But that commitment means that the average CHM graduate leaves us with $224,222 in debt! (2015 data)

 Our ability to raise scholarship dollars is crucial to our student’s success and our ability to attract and retain the best and the brightest.

 By making a scholarship gift, you are investing not only in the student’s future but the future of healthcare.  Please call the Development Office of CHM at 616-234- 2615 for more information on existing scholarships and/or creating new ones. 

List of Student Scholarships

Endowments - A Gift with an Enduring Impact

For nearly all world-class universities, the source of their financial stability is endowments. Endowed funds differ from others in that the total amount of the gift is invested, and each year only a portion of the interest earned is spent. In this respect, an endowment is a perpetual gift.

When you establish an endowment, you are assuring that your gift will have an enduring impact on the College of Human Medicine. Endowments may be created to support faculty excellence, student scholarships or many other types of programs. Your endowment can be added to special funds that give the College of Human Medicine the flexibility to address areas of greatest need or promise.

You choose how your funds will be used, assuring that the programs you value will be supported, forever. You also designate the name of the endowment, a name that will live in perpetuity. In this way, your endowment allows you to create a legacy that honors someone special—a teacher or mentor that made the difference in your life—or to memorialize a loved one. Once you have created an endowment, your gift becomes part of the College of Human Medicine’s heritage and tradition

Endowments represent a remarkable opportunity to have an enduring impact!

 Endowed Faculty  

There is fierce competition for top scientific and academic leaders across the country. Endowed faculty positions enable the College of Human Medicine to recruit and retain the best minds in biomedical research and medical education.

 Endowed Research Funds

Endowed Research Funds allow MSU’s College of Human Medicine to jump start programs and/or research. Philanthropy challenges scientists to think creatively by providing critical seed funding for innovative and novel approaches which may lead to breakthroughs in treatment, diagnosis and prevention for some of today’s most challenging health issues.


Research & Discovery

Private philanthropy is used by Michigan State University College of Human Medicine to provide seed funding awards to bright, new investigators for their start-up research projects. The seed funding grants allow researchers to develop baseline research results to position them competitively to receive National Institutes of Health awards. Currently, seed fund grant recipients are receiving about $X of competitive funding for every dollar of philanthropy invested. If you are interested in a particular kind of research you don’t see, call us at 855-678-7444.

Philanthropy also provides important recruitment funding needed to attract excellent faculty members and postdoctoral fellows to conduct research, provide care and implement community outreach and education. Recruitment funding allows the CHM to recruit post-doctoral fellows and faculty to conduct research. Endowed professorships allow the College of Human Medicine to identify and develop programs around multi-disciplinary themes.

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